Recovery Unplugged – Austin, Texas

We recently had the opportunity to tour Recovery Unplugged (RU) in Austin, Texas. Note for note, RU offers a strong continuum of care to those struggling with substance abuse and addiction.

The element that makes Recovery Unplugged unique and effective is their implementation of music within every aspect of treatment and recovery.   

The Very First

Recovery Unplugged are the first and currently the only addiction care organization in the world to do so.  Of course, they offer intervention, detox, aftercare and counseling (group and individual) among their long list of services.  

They provide PHP and IOP services as well, making them a well-rounded and highly respected referral for those in need of help.

Some of the elements that allow clients to work music into addiction recovery include:

  • songwriting and composition
  • therapeutic drumming
  • performance and production
  • listening and analysis
  • the opportunity to perform live

Proven Science

A Johns Hopkins study finds music increases dopamine release.   

And what do such activities have to do with getting and staying off life-controlling substances? 

According to multiple studies, the answer is, “a whole lot”

Music has been clinically proven to be beneficial for treating a variety of physical and mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, trauma and chronic pain.  

RU uses music to help clients break down emotional barriers and address the root causes of the negative behaviors that brought them to RU in the first place.

Our Tour

Our tour began in the drug detox center, and our guide was Alyssa Liebmann.  

We were especially impressed with the “meditation room”, where we really experienced the music.  Through speakers mounted into the floor, pulses of sound all dialed to 65hz pumped two different beats and tones, offering a physical and audible opportunity to find our inner balance.

Customized Treatment

This is a gorgeous facility offering customized treatment plans for every individual client.

Next, we toured the Inpatient Treatment program, guided by Kyle Swaitlowski.  

We spent the majority of our day exploring the Outpatient Rehab (IOP) and Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP).  It was eye-opening and encouraging to participate with several of the clients as they shared spoken word, original music and other forms of artistic expression.  

There was no doubt they were experiencing strong benefit from Recovery Unplugged’s unique format of therapy.  We’d like to offer special thanks to Nimai Larson and Hannah Moran for giving us a great tour.

Overall, our assessment of Recovery Unplugged in Austin, Texas was one of strong appreciation for the remarkable job they are doing for their clients.  

Attention to Detail

They have multiple locations across the United States, and are rapidly growing a larger presence in areas such as Denver, Colorado and Houston, Texas.

For more information on music-based addiction care and the full story behind RU we encourage our readers to pick up a copy of Music is Our Medicine: The Story of Recovery Unplugged®.  Highly recommended.

A New Outlook Counseling Services

With counseling centers serving the greater Denver area, A New Outlook Counseling Services provides therapy for those with addictions to drugs and alcohol. In addition, we also provide marriage counseling and relational therapy for couples and individuals.

Steven Tyler at Recovery Unplugged


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